I have been breeding Paint Horses for many years and am proud of the horses that have come from my stock, they are all good minded and have made a lot of people happy horse lovers. The horses I have left will pretty much be my final ones, my mares are not young and when they are ready to retire I will semi-retire also. My main stallions of many years have passed and I have added an aged stallion (River) to take over for Spook. I have also added 'Whiskey' to step into Harlan's place, he is a 4x Homozygous Perlino Tobiano and will always produce a Buckskin Tobiano on any color mare except a dilute, a dilute mare can produce a Perlino Tobiano. We are planning to ship semen in 2024. Be sure and visit their pages. I will continue to breed the mares I have for a few foals every year so please check back often to see what is available. I want to thank all my customers for so many years of enjoyment of meeting so many people in the horse world. Please feel free to reach out to me at anytime. I hope you enjoy the site.
Spook was one of the kindest stallions ever and was my partner and friend for 26+ years. Rest in peace my beautiful boy. He will be dearly missed by all that knew him.
Harlan passed due to cancer he was with me for 17 yrs and was always a pleasure to handle. He produced some some very nice foals. He will be missed by all that knew him.
*Be sure and Visit 'River' and Whiskey' on their Pages*

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Working on getting everything working should be done before long. Sorry for the wait.
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Homozygous Tobiano, Black, Cream and Agouiti.
We will have 6-8 foals for 2025 with lots of color and great all-around pedigree's.
Be sure to visit the 'Breeding' Page for what mares are bred to who for 2025. Even have one foal sexed and a maybe couple more to come.
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